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How to Safely Handle Your Antibody Drug Conjugate


Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) have a highly specific mechanism of action which is an advantage for the treatment of several oncology indications. They are made of a highly toxic payload, a linker, and an antibody. Usually, they are classified as Highly Potent APIs (HPAPIs) compounds due to the payload.  


Handling and manufacturing can be challenging due to the strict requirements for containment. With the help of internal specialized occupational toxicology and industrial hygiene knowledge, we can support the growing business to solve the mystery of safe handling ADCs.

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Our customers can leverage our unique infrastructure for ADC payloads and overall ADC capabilities to avoid extra investment in expertise, assets and infrastructure required to work with these very highly potent applications.  Flexible business models can be discussed and agreed upon to ensure supply secure arrangements that meet individual needs for antibody drug conjugate customers and programs.


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