Exclusive selection of our scientific content presented at AAPS 2020 PharmSci 360


Could not join our experts at AAPS 2020? Or maybe just want to re-capture the scientific topics? 


Please find an extensive list of the content presented below. To learn more about the event at AAPS 2020 PharmSci 360!


Rapid-Fire Presentations

  • Processing low viscosity products using liquid filling and banding technology by Jenifer Mains, PhD, Senior Manager Formulation
  • Polysorbate in biologics – understanding degradation by applying proper analytics by Michael Jahn, PhD, Head Forensic Chemistry, Drug Product Services
  • In vivo protein stability - what happens after administration? by Joachim Schuster, PhD Candidate, Scientist
  • Measuring lipolytic activity in biologics drug substance and drug product by Andreas Zerr, BS, Lead Scientist
  • Methanol-assisted secondary drying to accelerate residual-solvent removal in spray-dried polymers by Kimberly Shepard, PhD, Associate Principal Engineer
  • Modeling phase separation risk during spray drying from mixed solvents by Jonathan Cape, PhD, Principal Scientist


Scientific Posters

  • A hierarchical mass transfer model for drug particle dissolution presented in collaboration with the University of Michigan, co-authored by Deanna Mudie, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Global Research and Development

  • Application of Colorista® capsules for rapid product development with proof of concept data for a heat, oxygen, and moisture sensitive compound presented by Namrata Vora, M.S., Research Scientist III, Product Development

  • Encapsulating low viscosity products using liquid filling and banding technology presented by Jenifer Mains, Senior Group Leader

  • Impact of uneven illumination in flow imaging flow cell on the sizing accuracy of beads and implication for biopharmaceutical drug products presented by Ahmad Sediq, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Formulation Development

  • In vivo stability of therapeutic proteins presented by Joachim Schuster, Ph.D. Candidate, Scientist

  • Methanol-assisted secondary drying to accelerate residual solvent removal in spray-dried polymers presented by Kimberly Shepard, Ph.D., Associate Principal Engineer

  • Modeling the impact of amorphous drug-polymer colloids on the absorption of poorly water soluble drugs presented by Aaron Stewart, M.S., Associate Principal Scientist

  • Particle identification and source analysis presented by Michael Jahn, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Forensic Chemistry

  • Stabilizing polysorbate 20 and 80 against oxidative degradation presented by Ariane Schmidt, Ph.D. Candidate, Drug Product Services

  • Subvisible particles in intravenous infusion bags presented by Maximilian Wozniewski, Ph.D. Candidate, Scientist

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