Get in the game:

Join the esports nutrition market


The definition of sports is changing... 


Athletes no longer belong exclusively on courts or in the gym, they are now also behind computer screens and consoles. 


With the esports market projected to hit $1.8 billion in revenue by 2022 and more than 2.8 billion active gamers worldwide, esports athletes and casual gamers alike are looking for products to help them play at their best.1  

Esports athletes and casual gamers alike are looking for nutrition products to help them play and win.

As the needs of esports pros and gamers increasingly overlap with those of traditional athletes, both in their health goals and purchasing preferences, there is a unique opportunity for nutrition brands to tap into this growing consumer base.  
In our latest ebook, we explore how dietary supplement brands can deliver on gamers’ needs through growing ingredients and dosage forms quickly, combining science-backed ingredients with technology-driven dosage forms.  

Download Get in the Game: Unlock the Esports Nutrition Innovation Opportunity to discover:

  • The rise of esports and the growing nutrition market
  • How the needs of traditional athletes overlap with the needs of gamers 
  • Exclusive research on gamers’ needs and preferences for esports nutrition products 
  • Influencer perspective on how to win with your next product from a professional gamer
  • How to give gamers the science-backed products they're looking for  

Get in the Game: Unlock the Esports Nutrition Innovation Opportunity


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