The next generation enteric capsule is now available

Discover Capsugel®
Enprotect® capsule

Building on the Capsugel® legacy of developing and launching new and innovative oral solid dosage forms, Lonza has developed a unique manufacturing process to build a bi-layer capsule to assist in enteric delivery.

Partner with us to meet compendial enteric delivery requirements and enable accelerated development processes.


Targeted enteric drug delivery

Acid protection

No additional coating required

Customizable and scalable

Watch the video below to learn more


Learn more about our latest polymer technology to enable enhanced enteric delivery. Request a brochure or sample  of Capsugel® Enprotect™ today.


Customize how we work together depending on your business needs

Partnering with us means not only full access to our high-quality products, but a full menu of service options to customize how we innovate together to solve enteric delivery challenges. Our experts are here to help you at every stage.


Ready-to-use solution

Optimize your development process with our ready-to-use Capsugel® Enprotect® capsule


From concept to full scale manufacturing, we partner with you to provide high quality capsules to address your patients’ specific needs.


Customizable solution

Partner to help solve delivery challenges through innovation


Our Launch with Lonza­™ applications lab services experts will listen, understand and propose a customizable solution to help you meet your pipeline development challenges.

Need help finding selecting the right capsule configuration? Our experts are here to help.

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