Discover the possibilities

Lonza's high-quality products and support services help to enable your drug delivery pipeline...from development through commercialization

The Capsugel® capsule portfolio provides a wide variety of high-quality products and technologies to help you create a customized solution to bring new innovations to market. Our innovative capsule solutions provide you access to:  

Complete, high-quality

products and services portfolio

Capsule customizations

to meet your drug delivery requirements

Products support services 

to compliment your development journey

At Lonza, our core values and global footprint allow us to offer unparalleled R&D and technical support services backed by world-class manufacturing and logistics infrastructure.

For more than five decades, we have been elevating the standards for high-quality capsules to help eliminate defects and minimize disruptions in your manufacturing processes.


Together, we ensure you deliver a quality product that meets patient and consumer needs, every time.


Partnering beyond the capsule

Helping you unlock innovation

Lonza’s capsule application services experts will listen, understand and provide a customizable solution to help you meet your pipeline development challenges.

Our services will help you: 

  • Develop your unique fill formulation
  • Identify the optimum dosage form for your API delivery
  • Optimize manufacturing process to improve operation productivity
  • Access tailored educational resources –  including hands on laboratory training to strengthening your team’s knowledge

Need help finding selecting the right capsule configuration? Our experts are here to help.


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