The Successful Evolution of Biotherapies from Discovery to Development

GEN: On-Demand Webinar


A large portion of biologics fail during development due to issues with efficacy, safety, or manufacturability. Evaluating potential liabilities as early as possible during the molecule design and lead selection phases can greatly increase the chances of identifying a successful candidate. In this GEN webinar initial strategies to optimize the amino acid sequence of the molecule will be discussed along with techniques to maximize product quality through expression vector design.

Biologics can also fail during development due to issues in cell line or in process development for the manufacturing process. It is important to select the best approaches and tools to maximize the chance of success when moving the selected candidate through development. We will discuss approaches including the use of GS piggyBac™, which can help improve expression levels, for more complex, next-generation biologics.

To learn more about GS piggyBac™, you can also visit our website.

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